3 Ways To Use Dry Ice For Dinner Parties

Posted on: 11 October 2021

When you host a dinner party, you may seek out ways to entertain guests and provide some extra fun for everyone involved. One way to add some interesting elements to a dinner party is to use dry ice. Dry ice is made with solidified carbon dioxide and actually includes no liquids. When purchased in pellet form, dry ice has many uses.

Check out three different ways to use dry ice when you host a dinner party. The more you get used to handling and playing with dry ice, the more adventurous you can get with your dinner party plans.

1. Homemade Ice Cream

Serve up a delicious dessert with homemade ice cream that is created with dry ice. There are numerous recipes for ice cream with dry ice. Once you select your ice cream base, the rest of the process involves mixing. Essentially, you will break down the dry pellets into a fine powder. From there, you will mix the powder with the ice cream base.

After a few minutes, the dry ice will flash freeze the ice cream base until a creamy and smooth texture is created. Once blended, you want to freeze the ice cream so all of the dry ice sublimates and the fizzy CO2 taste from the ice cream disappears.

2. Fruit Appetizers & Drinks

A cooler and some dry ice can create a lot of ways to instantly freeze items without the need to fill your freezer. For example, you can add fruit to a cooler of dry ice and freeze the fruit quickly. Fresh frozen fruit has no added sugar and comes with many uses. Add the fruit to the ice cream, or serve the frozen fruit with some whipped cream.

If you serve specialty drinks at your dinner party, then the frozen fruit creates a nice splash of flavor. The fruit will naturally cool the drink and the CO2 will provide a little extra fizz to drink options like wine, water, or mixed cocktails. Play around with recipes to find the best fruit combinations.

3. Table Centerpieces

The cool effects of dry ice will create a nice centerpiece for your table. Place a bowl of warm water in the center of the table. The bowl can sit on its own or be part of another decoration to fit with a seasonal theme. Every fifteen minutes or so, add some pellets of dry ice into the water. As the dry ice sublimates, it will create a cool vapor into the air.

The vapor flows up out of the bowl and adds a nice ambiance to the dinner table.

Test out all of the ideas before the start of a dinner part to master your use of dry ice.