• Beyond Practical: Creative Ways To Use A Banana Holder In Your Kitchen

    Storing your bananas in a banana holder or banana hook allows proper air circulation, which can reduce ripening time and keep your bananas fresh longer. Storing bananas in a hanging position will also prevent them from bruising as they may when stored in a bowl on the countertop. However, there are other benefits to using a banana holder that go beyond the practical side. Create a fruit centerpiece Fruit makes a great centerpiece for a kitchen or dining room table and is a refreshing change from other kitchen accents. [Read More]

  • Who Should Buy Big Bags Of Whole Bean Coffee?

    When you first see a big, 2-pound bag of whole bean coffee, your first thought may be something along the lines of, "Who needs that much?" Indeed, 2 pounds of good-quality, Colombian coffee beans can seem like a lot, especially when you are used to buying your beans in smaller quantities, like 1 pound or 12 ounce bags. But these bags are a bigger seller than you might assume. Here are some of the key people who can benefit from buying their coffee in this way. [Read More]