How to Plan Meals for Your Holiday Guests

Posted on: 11 September 2017

If you had guests over the summer, you're probably all ready for those who will come during the holidays. However, you might want to tweak your menus a bit so that you can offer different meals than you did during the summer months. Here are some ideas on how to plan the meals for your holiday guests.

Start with Essentials: There are some things that would be very nice for you to have on hand throughout the day. However, make things easy for yourself so you won't be in the kitchen all day.

Start with having fresh coffee available at all times. Some people can't really start their day without a cup of java! Others simply want a cup of coffee to go with meals or with an in-between snack. Coffee pods are easily obtainable and very affordable. You'll probably end up using them even after your guests have gone.

The great thing is that you can have coffee pods available so that the coffee will always taste fresh. Think about putting Keurig pods in an attractive container just to add a bit of interest to your coffee area.

To go with the coffee, have things like cookies available. Cheese and crackers would be great, too.

Go with the Season: Think of meals you can provide that go with the wonderful autumn and winter season you will soon be experiencing. For example, think of serving foods that are made with pumpkin. Besides pumpkin bread for breakfast, think of having pumpkin pie for lunch or dinner dessert.

Another idea is to have different soups from which your guests can make their selections. Butternut squash soup, pumpkin soup and vegetable soups are great choices, especially if you have guests who don't want to eat a lot of meat.

Add to the fun by decorating cookies and cupcakes ahead of time and keeping them in your freezer until they are needed. For example, pumpkin muffins with a little pumpkin design on them would be great.

Think of keeping things simple, too. For example, have Christmas-themed paper plates and paper napkins for those who will be with you during the Christmas holidays.

Consider keeping a notebook where you keep a record of meals that you serve out-of-town guests. Put an asterisk by those that were especially well received so you can serve them another time. It might be helpful, too, to write down a shopping list of things you normally serve guests.