Ordering in Bulk: Unique Uses for Caramel Candies in the Kitchen

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Wondering how to justify buying that bulk order of tempting caramel candies you've been wanting to try? Here are a few interesting ways those tasty caramel candies can be used in the kitchen to help make sure that they all get used up:

Bake Them into Breads, Pies, and Cookies

There are a variety of ways caramel candies can be used to bake unique yet tasty breads, pies, and cookies that can't be found in the average bakery or grocery store. Here are a few ideas to get your started next time you're in the mood to turn your oven on:

  • Add caramel candies to your nut breads.

  • Replace half the chocolate chips in your cookie recipe with caramel chunks.

  • Lace your fruit pieces with caramel candy that's been sliced into strips.

  • Press caramel candy pieces into flat squares and use them in place of dough to top your pies off.

  • Cut caramel candies into tiny chunks and add them to your cinnamon roll dough.

  • Drizzle melted caramel candies over sweet breads, pies, and cakes.

Make a list of your favorite things to bake in the kitchen and then come up with a few ideas for incorporating caramel candies into them. This will help ensure that you have something new to try when you're feeling creative but don't want to spend a lot of time researching, planning, and prepping recipe ideas.

Blend Them into Smoothies

An awesome way to make your consumption of caramel candies a little healthier so you can enjoy them more often without any guilt is to blend your candies into smoothies. Due to their soft texture, caramel candies break up well in the blender and can enhance just about any type of smoothie you have a taste for. Try some of the following ideas:

  • Blend a tasty antioxidant powerhouse using blueberries, bananas, baby spinach leaves, a little milk, and caramel candies.

  • Create a luscious dessert smoothie with the help of bananas, yogurt, cinnamon, chocolate powder, and caramel candies.

  • Combine freshly diced apples, a couple of dates, some caramel candies, and a scoop or two of ice cream in the blender to make the ultimate caramel apple milkshake.

Put your leftover smoothies in the freezer overnight, and you'll be left with delicious frozen desserts that the whole family can enjoy after dinner.

Add Depth to Your Salads

Your favorite caramel candies shouldn't be overlooked when making salads in the kitchen. They can turn an ordinary green salad into an extraordinary feast and enhance those salads that already typically feature sweet aspects. One of more of these ideas may intrigue you:

  • Cut caramel candies into small chunks and toss them into your Waldorf salads.

  • Concoct a fruit and nut salad using dried cranberries, raisins, almond slices, walnut pieces, shredded lettuce, coconut flakes, and caramel candy pieces.

  • Blend caramel candies with balsamic vinegar, walnuts, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and garlic to create a sweet and savory dressing.

  • Cut caramel candies into tiny pieces and bake them in the oven at a low temperature until they get crispy. Use the crunchy pieces as croutons on sweet and savory salads.

If you aren't sure whether your caramel candy implementations will work, put a small amount of your prepared salad into a bowl and add the candies. Have someone else taste the test salad to determine whether the candies should ultimately be added or left out.

These basic ideas should help to invoke some personalized ideas of your own, so keep a notepad in the kitchen and jot your thoughts down as they develop to ensure that they're available for later use. For special caramel candies, check out a business like Abdallah Candies And Gifts.