Three Steps To Setting Up The Perfect Dessert When You Are Far From A Chef

Posted on: 26 May 2017

Just because you are not a chef does not mean that you should not be able to have a great meal every once in a while. While the actual meal can be take-out, one thing that you can prepare is dessert. If you want to try your hand at preparing dessert when you never prepare food, you should set the mood and make sure that all selections work together for a great dessert. Here are three steps to setting up the perfect dessert when your skills are far from a professional chef. 

Set mood lighting

If you are not sure about your dessert making skills, you can make everything seem a little better with the right aura. Set mood lighting with candles or tealights on the table and around the room. Lay down a table cloth and place small tealights on the table. For a little more decoration you can sprinkle flower petals on the tealight that corresponds with the color that you prefer. This will make dessert a little more cozy and romantic. 

Make the wine selection

If you are not sure what you can cook for dessert, you should start with the wine selection. One of the best beverage choices for a good dessert is Sauterne wine. This wine is one of the sweetest, which makes it perfect for sweet or tangy desserts. With flavor notes of fruits and nuts, you will have a wide range that goes along with this wine on the palette. With a few bottles of aged Sauterne wine, your guest will enjoy dessert even more. Serve this wine in the fanciest goblets that you have or in champagne glasses. A company like JJ Buckley Fine Wines can help you choose the right one!

Create two three-step desserts

One way to ensure that your cooking foray does not turn into a disaster is to make simple desserts that have only a  few steps. In this case, you can create two wonderful desserts that are only two steps each. One of the desserts that you can serve is creamy fruit shells. For this dessert, purchase small cake shells, whipped topping, and your favorite fruit. First, chop up the fruit into small pieces. Next, heat up the shells in the microwave for a few seconds. Once the shells are heated, you can spread the whipped topping on top of the shells and throw on a little bit of the fruit. The second dessert that you can make is coated strawberries. First, you should heat up chocolate chips of your preferred flavoring. Second, wash off the strawberries, then dip them inside of the melted chocolate. Third, leave the strawberries in the refrigerator to solidify. For both of these desserts, you can use a few rainbow sprinkles if you want to fancy them up a bit before serving.