4 Mexican Entrees That Pair Perfectly With White Wine

Posted on: 15 May 2017

Even if you're just casually familiar with Mexican dining, you probably already know that you can't go wrong with pairing most Mexican entrees with a nice cold glass of beer. You may also be aware that some types of Mexican food, such as beef dishes smothered in a rich mole sauce, make ideal partners for a full-bodied red wine. However, many people hesitate when trying to choose the right white wine to serve with Mexican entrees. Because of the sauces and spices, it's not always as simple as just matching the wine to the color of the meat as in most American cuisine. Following are four Mexican entrees that pair perfectly with white wine.

Chilate de Pollo

Chilate de pollo is grilled chicken covered in sauce made with red hot chili peppers as one of the main ingredients. One of the best kept wine-and-food pairing secrets is that fiery food pairs best with cold white wine that's on the sweet side. The combination of sweet and cold tones the heat down nicely so you can enjoy the complex flavors of the chile sauce. Try a white Muscato or a Riesling with this dish.

Seafood Tacos

Mexican seafood traditions aren't always well-represented in standard north-of-the-border restaurants, but traditional Mexican fish dishes are beginning to earn their rightful place in today's culinary landscape. Try pairing a classic halibut taco dinner with a chilled glass of butter Chardonnay. Lightly spiced red snapper goes perfectly with a sparkling white wine such as Asti Spumante, and shellfish dishes are best complemented by a fruity Pinot Grigio.

Sweet Potato Burritos With Avocado Salsa

Not all Mexican foods contain meat -- vegetarian dishes are quite well-represented in the country's cuisine. The combination of sweet potatoes and creamy avocado salsa cries out for a softly fruity white wine with a silk-smooth texture. Chardonnay is the clear winner for pairing with this burrito.

Chili Verde With Pork

This dish features a lot of green herbs and vegetables along with the beans and moderately spiced pork, making it an ideal entree to serve with a rich, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon. Because Mexican food is extremely diverse, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that fruity white wines pair best with foods with lots of green or green ingredients.

Please feel free to ask a professional, like those at El Molinito Restaurant & Catering, for more information on pairing the right wine with Mexican entrees.